First, let me say that I am not in the photography “biz” – I do it for myself and to share with my family and friends. I do have several friends who are professional photographers and I will link to them later in this page.

I find that photography – especially nature photography – is a great stress reliever for me. I love spending an hour or more just wandering, taking photos of whatever may be of interest to me. Sometimes the smallest things can make the largest impact – so, you will notice that I have an interest in macro photography.

I always enjoyed taking “pictures” (as we in the south tend to call them!), even as a kid – but film is expensive – especially to develop! It was one of the greatest days when I got my first digital camera – whoo hoo! – no need for film or developing it! Yippeee! I still have all of my digital cameras – up to 5 now – including that first one – an Olympus 2.1MP that was the size of two bricks! Of course, it did have a special feature that made it so large – it used instant film as a “printer” – so you got the best of both worlds… it took great photos, even if they are tiny by todays standards. I have went through a Fuji, a Minolta and a Sanyo (still keep that one in the car – for those random, in the moment shots!). The Konica-Minolta was one of the best point-and-shoot cameras I have ever seen – hated it when they merged with Sony – not that I dislike Sony, but they took a great camera system and stuck one of those crazy Memory Sticks in it!  🙂

Currently, I am back to my second Olympus DSLR – have had it for several years, but still takes excellent photos – at 16MP it still is more than what most people need for basic home photos – don’t have any plans to upgrade in the near future – my general rule of thumb is that the resolution (MegaPixels) has to double before I will change.

I often get asked for suggestions on buying a digital camera – so I have some tips that I think are things to keep in mind when buying a digital camera.